Who We Are

Apollo Exploration and Development, Inc. is an independent Oil and Gas Operator and Producer stationed in Mount Pleasant, Michigan. Apollo has decades of experience in northern and southern Michigan oil and gas plays, as well as experience in Texas, North Dakota, Colorado, Kentucky, Ohio and Louisiana. We pride ourselves on a being a straight forward, people friendly company and are willing to go the extra distance to be fair with landowners and other industry members as well.

Safe, efficient energy.

About Apollo Exploration and Development, Inc.

Finding energy the right way.

Apollo Exploration and Development, Inc.

What We Do

Exploratory Technology

Apollo uses the latest seismic and drilling technology to undergo exploration phases of our projects. We use many Michigan based companies and are proud to be one ourselves.


Land and Mineral Development

While developing landowner minerals for potential oil and gas reserves, our goal is to minimize environmental impact and preserve landowner relations. Oil and Gas exploration is an essential part of human existence but should be performed in manners that are environmentally conscious and fair to all parties involved.

Oil Production and Operations

Producing oil from thousands of feet below the earth takes a lot of work and knowledge. Through years of experience and help from select industry experts, we have the resources to operate wells in various parts of the state efficiently.